Ardusub Waterlinked DVL A125 support

Hi, I am thinking of buying DVL for position hold mode on Ardusub, it is written in Ardusub documents that Waterlinked A50 DVL model is supported, but I need Waterlinked DVL A125 model, can I use A125 for position hold mode on Ardusub, could anyone help if anyone has used or tried it before?

Hi @Furkan,

There’s no code in our DVL-A50 support that intentionally limits it to that device, so assuming the DVL-A125 uses the same connection process, protocol, and messages then it should work the same way the DVL-A50 does.

We don’t have access to a DVL-A125 device, so you’ll need confirmation from Water Linked as to whether there are any additional considerations required, or issues you may run into.

@wlkh do you have any further information/details on this? :slight_smile:

Hi Elliot,

The DVL-A50 and DVL-A125 are functionally the same, so they should work the same way :+1:


I tried the Position Hold mode with DVL-A125 and Ardusub and it worked without any problems. But you should note that DVL-A125 software version must be 2.1.0 otherwise it will not work.

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