Ardusub on f405 based fcu

I am looking into building a rov based on ardusub. Pixhawk fcu’s seem to be extremely hard to get and very expensive when you can find one, or with an extremely long wait for shipping from China. I have seen a few ardupilot and rover applications installed on the easily obtainable f405 fcu boards. Does anyone know if ardusub will work on these boards?


My plan is to have a raspberry pi linked onboard.

Also, is there any other fcu options besides the pixhawk confirmed to work on ardusub?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @3dprintedrov, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That’s not a board type we’ve tested or actively support, but if it runs ArduPilot firmware then it’s at least possible it may be able to run ArduSub (although even if it runs it may not support all functionality).

The ArduPilot firmware builds do seem to include F405 options, so it should at least be possible to flash on an ArduSub image without needing to build the firmware yourself. From there you’ll need to do tests to determine which features are available, and you may need to make custom firmware builds if code modifications are required to fix/enable non-functioning features that you want to use.

The Pixhawk 4 works (mostly) when running the development firmware, and
we’re about to release our own flight controller, but neither of those options is in the <$100 range like the one you linked to.

I was not so worried about a sub $100 price tag, as I am looking to have a project with my 2 boys. I read about the pi hat that is coming up… that is interesting! I currently have a pi 3b, pi 3b+, a bbb, and a few other types laying about. The pi4 and hat would be an exciting option, and tidy up the equipment bay. Any idea on when it may be released as this is the first I saw any information about it. I have several tech questions about it, but I am sure that info is not public yet!

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