ArduSub mavproxy commands equivalent to ArduCopter

I am learning how to use SITL simulator and QGC for ArduSub. I found a tutorial for ArduCopter where I can use the following sequence of mavproxy commands:

arm throttle
takeoff 10
Guided (33.81251378693785, -118.39552887924894) 100.0

This sequence of mavproxy commands work well on ArduCopter and I can see it on both SITL Map and QGC. However, they don’t work on ArduSub, which is what I care about for the BlueRov2.

What is an equivalent sequence of mavproxy commands for ArduSub? Also, is there some documentation for ArduSub compatible mavproxy commands? I found this cheatsheet online but some of the don’t seem compatible? What am I missing?