ArduSub Build Error

Greetings enthusiasts,

I am having an issue with building the latest ArduSub. Seems that:

from pymavlink.generator import mavgen
File “/home/borotech/Dev/repos/ardusub/modules/mavlink/pymavlink/generator/”, line 12
from future import standard_library
SyntaxError: future feature standard_library is not defined
mavgen: failed

I’ve tried both future and future in the import for the to no avail. My pythonpath looks good and I am using 2.7.6. Thoughts?

Thanks – Jim N.

Hmm, I’m not sure, haven’t run into that. The mavlink submodule has was restructured toward the end of November.

Try this to see what version of future you are using:

~$ pip freeze | grep future future==0.16.0
Update the future if your version is lower:
sudo pip install future --upgrade
You can also try deleting the mavlink submodule: /home/borotech/Dev/repos/ardusub/modules/mavlink and rebuild. When you use make, it should download the submodule again.



Thanks Jacob, did the trick. I’ve had to rebuild my system and hadn’t remembered to the latest packages.




I also noticed that the navio and navio2 do not have vectored make targets in the stack. I can mode the controller but was wondering if there was a build for vectored versus standard for the navio.


Ok, you probably just need to add the target. An easier option may be to just change the define for the default frame. Master just recently switched to a single target, and the frame is now selected with a new FRAME_CONFIG parameter.


Ah, I see. Thanks again. I will let you know how it progresses.


Jacob, that is not in the master branch, I see that it is in Sub-3.4. I’ve checked out that branch and am building now. Thanks for the heads up.