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Any plans of introducing physical buttons to interface with internal electronics?

(hpl002) #1

Hi gang!

I see that BR has a switch for interfacing with enclosed electronics. Do you have any plans of introducing a push-button or something similar?

Currently working on a project where your enclosures would be perfect for our application, but we depend heavily on physical interaction with the internal electronics and need multiple buttons.

If you don’t have any such plans in the works, are there any other possibilities? DIY / using other suppliers in conjunction with your enclosure and penetrators?

Hope i hear from you!


(Kevin) #2

Hi @hpl002, thanks for you interest! We have no active projects for penetrator-type push buttons or potentiometers right now.

With that, we did modify one of the dials for our switches to create a push-button type switch by filing down the threads and adding in a spring. It worked well enough for the Thruster Commander Paddleboard demo, but we didn’t do any pressure tests on it. At some depth the dial will just be pushed into the penetrator.