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Thruster Commander Potentiometer Specs

Hi! I’m nearing the end of my t200 kayak project and really looking forward to my first test. The Thruster Commander simplified my build enormously. I am finding the potentiometers to be a bit small and the center point detent is especially weak. Getting the pot back to center (to stop without flying into reverse) is a bit finicky and not something I want to worry about while I’m bringing in a fish.

Are there specs that I need to know when looking for a new potentiometer?

PS: My backup plan is to design and 3D print a bigger knob and a box with it’s own detent built in.

Hi @markymark

There is a section in the Thruster Commander guide that goes over replacing or modifying the potentiometers: https://bluerobotics.com/learn/guide-to-the-thruster-commander/#modifying-or-replacing-potentiometers

But the relevant info there is basically you can use any potentiometer with a resistance of 10 kΩ or less.

Thanks! I Somehow missed that completely. :slight_smile: