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More Thruster Commander Questions

So these are 0-10k pots with a 5k detent in the middle, but what are the sensitivities? As in, it needs to see 4.5k-5.5k to arm and then there’s a dead zone from 4k-6k and at 3.999k and at 6.001k the thrusters start to spin?

Also, what happens if the pots are replaced with a 5k switch and a second switch inserts 2.5k in series? You’d pull the first switch to arm it, then the second would instantly apply half throttle in one specific direction? Inversely, you could press two 2.5k switches to arm and release one and the thruster spins half throttle the other direction?

I’m not sure about the deadzones, but they will be small. The throttle resolution may be only 800 steps on the ESC side.

Your suggestions about the switch should work.