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Thruster Commander cooked?

Been bench testing a new project using the Thruster Commander, two Basic ESC’s and two T200 thrusters running off 6s 22.2v batteries.
Initially it was working fine during some quick bench tests but now suddenly nothing works.
The commander unit is getting really hot and when I measured the output pins instead of 5v I’m getting 20v??
The commander Power light is on but neither of the output LEDs are on ( they were when it was working )
Its wired as in the supplied connection diagram with the commander power coming directly from the 6s 22.2v battery.
The only modification to the standard circuit is adding a 5K resistor to one side of the speed controlling potentiometer so it acts as a 0 to full speed controller in one direction only.
The ESC’s give the three phase checking beeps when powered on but nothing else.
Has anyone else seen this before?
Is the fact that the output seems to be giving 20v likely to have damaged the ESC’s?

Thanks, G.

After discussions with BR this simple answer to this problem is don’t use 6s batteries with the thruster commander as the voltage spike on connection blows it.
Even though the documentation sais you can use up to 26v don’t! Apparently my problems were not the first and they’ve seen this issue with several other units previously.
BR quickly replaced the unit and tell me they are going to change the unit spec to a max power input of 20v.
Bit surprised they didn’t share that information here…