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Alarm --> disarm

is it possible to add in the safety parameters, the possibility of “disarming” the vehicle if we pass under the threshold of the battery? (By checking a box)
Especially in case the user does not see the alarm. In this case, it would be desirable to uncheck the box to return the vehicle.
If other users see the need?
and especially if it is possible.

Thanks A ++

It’s certainly possible, and this is something we did consider. We decided not to do this because it could result in the ROV being trapped in a very bad situation, like tied in a knot around a pylon.

I would rather work on improving the warnings in QGC. There is an option to make an audible warning when the battery gets under a certain percentage (we will have to change this to voltage, the autopilot does not make a percentage estimate, so it won’t work right now). We could also have a visual warning appear like the ones that appear in yellow across the top of the screen.

What do you think?

Indeed I agree with your analysis,
in our case, certainly special, are children who pilot the ROV, accompanied by an adult but attention is focused on learning.
I add that the driving conditions are often easy.

It would have to have a visual alarm “fixed” (which does not withdraw without the action of changing the battery) or that attracts the flashing attention (to the left of the logo) can be.
But always with a checkbox for the user to have the choice.

If other users have ideas? or particular case …

See you later

I agree with both about the visual alarm, noise with a checkbox.
We were in a demo on Saturday and we were piloting without looking at the laptop because the ROV was in a little tank. We were piloting very aggressive and in little time the lipo fell down front 14V to 9V