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Aideepen ds18b20

Hello everyone,

Been lurking in the background doing ALOT of reading, Was curious if someone could help me out.

I have purchased some aideepen ds18b20 temp sensors, these can be run off the Raspberry pi3 used in the advanced kit. ( which I just purchased) I have most my control set up with my pixhawk and my pi and QGC. Everything is working, Now I want to integrate two of these onto the pi and read them in the QCG, but am stumped as to how to get to that point. The physical wiring is easy, its the software side I need some help with. I would be indebted to anyone that could help me. I also thought about using an Arduino nano to read these, but am also unclear as to how to make that work, I can write the code for the Arduino, but making it communicate with the pi and send real time data for this is over the usb is where I get stumped.

Any help would be greatly taken, I have read and reread countless of these threads trying to get an idea as to what to do …

Thank you


you can use serial comunication to comunicate from the arduino and the raspberry (you need to use TX and RX pins).

The DS18b20 probably will not work directly with the pi since it uses a very strict protocol with very fast timings to recieve and send data. You can find ds18b20 library for the arduino online and its really simple to use. Hope I was usefull.


If you are interested to use something else other than the arduino I made some code for the STM32 (programmed in c) that can read the temperature from one temperature sensor through one wire protocol

Yes Marco,

That does help me, I guess I should have been a little more clear. The issue I have is how to get the readings into QGC. I understand the serial connections from the pi to the arduino, its the communication coding is where i get stumped and how to get the readings into the program. I can make the serial in arduino read the temps … no issue … its the comms part

and thank you again for the help and advice !!