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Aerojet Multiple Disk Acostic Device

Hi everyone, im new to the forum and trying to learn about sonar. I acquired this sonar device called aerojet acoustic device and i don’t know anything about it, so can some help me? I’ve reached out to Aerojet but nothing yet, and they want answer their phone…??
approx:55 x 34 x 32 in. and heavy. this maybe the prototype due to serial #001?

thanks, Rick) !IMG_6578 )

Wow, I have no idea what that is! It looks kinda like a sub-bottom profiler, but I’ve never seen that design before.

Are there any other markings on it?

hi Kevin, sorry i tried to respond yesterday but it didn’t go through because i’m learning about the forum reply set up. also because i’m new i can only send one photo per reply.


I have no idea what that device does or where to look up more information, it looks like it was made in the 1960s or 70s.

Looks like it is meant to be towed. I would love to see more pictures of it. Whats inside those cones?

Hi Nathan, each cone has a baffle like a fireplace vent. this is heavy duty stuff and i believe its the prototype because of the serial # is 001or the first Aerojet made. I can only send one picture per reply because i’m new on the forum.IMG_6535

thanks Rick

Wow, thats cool…Not sure of the device, but for ordnance detection?

The new research arm was formed as Aerojet Electro-Systems Corp. , and after purchasing a number of ordnance companies, Aerojet Ordnance was created as well. A new umbrella organization oversaw the three major divisions, Aerojet General .

Thanks Marcus for the info.