Adding heading lock

Hi guys,

It would be good to add a heading lock function. Even better if we could type the heading we want to lock on.

Too often the pilot drifts out of heading during survey. This would be a simple add-on that would increase survey accuracy.



Etienne, the heading is stabilized in every mode but MANUAL (no stabilization). We can’t enter a specific heading, but I don’t see a need to add this with the stabilization and inputs we already have.

Hello Jacob,

I understand you guys designed a product for people to go play underwater but as you have found out there is a crowd that use it for survey work.

For this purpose, this idea would be very useful.

In the end, its just a suggestion.


Etienne, we are happy to improve the usability of the product; that is our constant goal. We prioritize features/usability improvements based on community feedback and requests. Please suggest a use case where the current functionality does not allow your goal to be completed. Proposing what you think a solution should look like will also be appreciated.

In my head, it is simple enough to dial in your desired heading with your joystick while looking at the compass. Therefore, I don’t think it is necessary to add another UI element (complicating the UI), or to reach to your keyboard and type a number in for the ROV.

The heading is maintained when in depth hold so i setup up my bearing and just drive it and only need to realign if i turn rov by accident. Tidal current is always a factor tho so u may be on same bearing transect but the current can push sideways. Without direct input from gps system, it is almost impossible to get accurate survey tracks

Case 1:

Imagine you are surveying a concrete wall in a round tank in less than a meter of visibility. You are looking for cracks. Your only positional reference is the curvature of the wall and ROV heading.

The tether is pulling you off location because you had to go through columns to get to this section.

While trying to fly up and down you knock your heading off and you drift left.

Case 2:

You are surveying a jacket. Each face has known coordinates. Visibility is poor, current is present and pushing the ROV around, once again you are relying on heading and structure for positioning. You need to do an anode count survey.

While fighting against current you accidentally change your heading. You are now inside the jacket and completely confused.

I could go on with different scenarios.

It is very easy to change your heading by accident. This happens all the time. Especially if you are using a 3-axis joystick. (Using an x-box controller is not suited for commercial applications.)

The auto heading during stabilize and depth hold works great in most scenarios and I would not want to change anything.

But job sites are not very accommodating. You have to dive in all kinds of environment. Poor visibility, current, difficult structures are some of the difficulties we have to deal with. Acoustic positioning is not always an option. (In most of my work with the BR2 it actually seldom is) The ability to lock the heading would help a lot.