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Accessing joystick and parameters offline

(Etienne Demers) #1

Hello again,

I find it a bit cumbersome to require the ROV to be plugged in to access my joystick and ROV parameters.

It would be great if there was a way we could set the joystick up offline.

I would also like to access the parameters offline so I don’t need to wait until I am with the ROV to try things.

I am unsure why it is design like this. Perhaps if their are no way around it, you could design an emulator?


(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi @etienne,

You can only change the parameters that are in the ROV, different firmwares have different parameters and different configurations. If you have more than one ROV it’s even harder to perform this offline configuration.
What you can do is: Download the parameters as file, edit then using a text edit (notepad) and load it back to the ROV.

(Rusty) #3

Hi Etienne,

Thanks for the feedback! As Patrick mentioned, all of the parameters and joystick button functions are actually stored on the ROV so it must be connected to change those. The only thing that is stored on your computer is the calibration of the joystick range. We could potentially enable that offline if that would be helpful.

We’re considering revamping QGC to handle the joysticks a little differently, which would make this possible. That’s still in the early planning phase.


(Etienne Demers) #4

Thanks for the info guys. Good to know the parameters are stored on the ROV…