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Accelerometer trouble?

I had trouble.
Accelerometer setup is completed in Setup page of QGroundContorl.
But the vehicle roll right, horizontal line in QGroundContorl monitor is roll left.
And the vehicle roll left, horizontal line is roll right.Pitch is OK.
When I operate the vehicle to lateral,the vehicle’s thruster is inverse.
Yaw is also not correct. Forword/Reverse is OK.
QGroundContorl is v.3.2.4-BlueRobotics-Rev1.
Please tell me solution of this problem.

P.S. I’m not good at English.Easy word please.

This is the correct way. The horizontal line is the ‘artificial horizon’. You can be sure it is right if you check the parameter AHRS_ORIENTATION is ‘Roll90’.

Please make sure you do the ‘Configure Motor Directions’ part of the instructions here. There are MOT#_DIRECTION parameters that will let you reverse the motors.

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Dear Mr.Jacob
Thanks your reply. All my troubles resolved.
One of cause was select-miss of TX-mode.
Thank you very much.