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About radio and joystick

(WYK) #1

1.If I want to use a radio to send commands and a wirwless receptor(put on the pixhawk), can the conmunication happens when the robot is underwater?(The water is 1 meter deep)

2.If I cannot do that, then if I want to use a joystick to directly connect to the pixhawk using usb line, how to connect and how to let the commnication happens?

(Jacob) #2

2.4ghz radios and receivers will not work underwater.

You need to have digital communications with a laptop. This can be achieved with a raspberry pi and ethernet cable, or the BR serial tether interface boards.


(Rusty) #3


  1. No, radio signals do not travel through water well.

  2. You can connect to the Pixhawk directly with USB and then connect to it with a joystick in QGroundControl. Please see the ArduSub instructions at ardusub.com.