Hi to all

sorry if my question sounds stupid but is there a way to drive the sub-marine from Remote control o telemetry like we are using for flying drones (915 Mhz).

Thank you

Hi Max,

Radio waves don’t go underwater very well so normal wireless technology won’t work. There are a few alternatives:

  1. You can have a floating buoy with the wireless radio, attached to the ROV through the tether.

  2. You can use acoustic modems to send data underwater, but they’re expensive and low bandwidth (no video).

It would certainly be great if the technology comes around to make this easy!


The problem with a free floating buoy is it will almost always be under some form of outside force (wind or wave motion, for example) which will require near continuous thruster operation to counteract. Otherwise, I think it would work great in low current, low wind situations.