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A question about the usage of mavlogdump.py



Hi ,wo found a question about the usage of mavlogdump.py

in this page

i kown mavlogdump.py have these options

usage: mavlogdump.py [-h] [--no-timestamps] [--planner] [--robust] [-f]
                     [--condition CONDITION] [-q] [-o OUTPUT] [-p]
                     [--format FORMAT] [--csv_sep CSV_SEP] [--types TYPES]
                     [--nottypes NOTTYPES] [--dialect DIALECT]
                     [--zero-time-base] [--no-bad-data] [--show-source]
                     [--show-seq] [--source-system SOURCE_SYSTEM]
                     [--source-component SOURCE_COMPONENT] [--link LINK]

I noticed the option

  -f, --follow          keep waiting for more data at end of file

I think the option can be used to watch the log in real-time; So i tried this command

mavlogdump.py -f mav.tlog

but,the result was the same like mavlogdump.py -f mav.tlog

so i don’t konw what’s wrong with the option “- f” ??

(Patrick José Pereira) #2


--follow is not working with tlog files.
You can check the status of this issue here:

There is a fix already waiting to be merged:

You can add this fix in your installation or you can wait to be merged.

(Patrick José Pereira) #3

@Jacklee The problem was fixed, please update your pymavlink installation.