A BR2 from France

Hi all,

I just want to present to you my BR2 with the extended payload. I attach on it a DSLR canon 5DS-R to take picture to be able to reconstruct the wrecks in 3D.

The idea is to create an environment like the diver can see the ship under the sea.

At this time, I have make some test without the payload and the DSLR. The two Keldans for the light are not yet on the BR2.

The foot aren’t build, that why the BR2 is upside down.

So do you have an idea to the material to use to make this foots ?


very nice !

why don´t you just buy some POM (Delrin) and add the feet yourself ?

As I have no POM left, I can check with any of my partners if they have…

Let me know, best, Andreas

Andreas Pinske
Marine Distribution & Consulting (Blue Robotics Distributor in France)

@bdevis would another payload skid fit on the bottom. It would protect the camera better than just feet

@bdevis nice job !
I suggest you use PEHD ( same material that BR frame ) , it has great advantages over POM : almost neutral and impacts resistant.

I’m curious about the weight of the 5DS and his enclosure, is it neutrally buoyant ?

You should also pay attention to the stability of the ROV, i’m afraid that, with the drag added by your payload, the ROV is going to be rather unstable on it’s pitch axis. it’s common to all ROV with two vertical thrusters in this configuration, not only the BR2 !. Anyway, if you only take pictures, that’s ok because you can let it some time to stabilize, but it’s going to be more complicated for movies.

Maybe you should consider upgrading to the “heavy” configuration, which is more stable.

Luc, THE French distributor of Blue Robotics ! :sunglasses:


Nice looking unit, you should be able to capture some good images from the unit

If I was you I would also look at being able to rotate the DSLR 5DS-R to point straight down, as you typically get much better and more constant reliable results when generating Structure from Motion models of wrecks when the images are captured looking straight onto the subject


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Hi, how do you manage the picture taking from surface? Do you use a timelapse app from your computer and send the signal through a twisted pair of the tether?


Hi @Stevenlb

The above was taken with a GoPro Hero 4 taking a time lapse image every 0.5 sec

Just start taking images at the surface and choose the appropriate files to process