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8x T200 Custom Frame 6DOF ROV for sale

I am getting ready to get back into the other part of my life (the navy) after a brief hiatus and now would like to sell my custom frame 8 thruster 6DOF ROV. I am going to be discounting pretty heavily and most of the parts are 1:1 with the BlueROV2 Heavy configuration minus the frame so if you were looking to build or have a plug and play ready ROV this sale might be for you. (Pictures Below)

8x T200 Thrusters (4 hours of runtime)
8x Basic ESC R3s Speed Controllers
Pixhawk PX4 flight controller
FathomX on board and at topside connection of tether (topside FathomX has 3d printed enclosure)
2x Lumen Subsea Lights
SOS Leak Detector
Fathom ROV Tether (50M) (164ft)
Bar30 High Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure sensor
4" Electronics Enclosure (Aluminum End Cap w/ 14 holes) ( Acrylic Dome End Cap)
3" Battery enclosure (Aluminum End Cap w/ 4 holes)
Blue Robotics 14.8V 18AH Lithium-Ion Battery
Blue Robotics Lithium Battery Charger
4x R3318 (1.9"x 3.4" x 4.9") Subsea Buoyancy Foam
1x Low-Light HD USB Camera (on camera tilt system w/ HS-5055MG Servo)

The frame is 3D Printed Polymaker PC-Max™ polycarbonate. All of the hardware is 316SS.
The ROV is roughly half a pound positively buoyant and 30 lbs in air.

The frame is modeled after ready tube and is fairly easy to reconfigure based on the needs of the operator. That being said if you want to switch frames to the BlueROV2 Heavy frame it would just be a matter of putting new, longer cables on some of the T200s and repotting their penetrators and attaching it to the BlueROV2 frame.

The ROV just requires a laptop with QGroundControl installed and an xbox controller and it is ready to go.

I am asking $3000 obo for everything + $70 shipping. If you are close enough to drive, I am in Charleston, SC - I’ll knock off the shipping and $100. Thank you.

Pictures of ROV:


Do you still have the ROV for sale?

I do! Are you interested?



I am coaching a robotics team and we are interested to acquire additional blue robotics material to supplement the basic bluerov2 kit we have.

If you could go over the condition of the kit that would be helpful. When did you acquire the kit since Blue Robotics have done continued upgrade on some of the components. Did you purchase individual parts since you mentioned you don’t have the frame. The kit typically came with some additional part that you may or may not have that is why the question. One item you mentioned is the T200 cable. Are they the shorter one (16" or so) came normally with the bluerov kit or the standalone longer one (38 in").

You can reach me directly at adszeto@gmail.com.

Thanks for the quick response.

Interesting design. I hope you had time to play with it.