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BR2 For Sale listing OK?

I have a Blue ROV2 for sale, basically unassembled. I purchased it 2-3 months ago, and my small tech company is changing directions so we don’t need it. I did assemble the chassis, but the final wiring/connections of the electronics has not been completed.

I’m not sure whether or not listing this stuff for sale is allowed on the site, but the little bit I found about it seems to suggest it is. However not being sure, I’ll refrain from making a full listing (details, price, etc), until this gets approved.



I am interested for my robotics team.

Here are more details on the kit. It is located in the US, and here is a list of components I have:

1) standard kit with the heavy configuration kit upgrade (8 motors)
2) 150m tether upgrade
3) Two BlueROV batteries (standard comes with 1, I added a second)
4) BlueROV battery charger
5) Spares kit, which also includes an extra thruster motor
6) 18-hole end-cap upgrade, in addition to the stock 11-hole end cap that comes with the standard kit
7) 4-LED kit upgrade (comes with 2 as standard)

This kit is new. I have nearly $5800 invested, and am asking $5000.

Thanks for the message.


Hi @tcbetka, we have decided not to continue to have buy/sell listings on this forum. We would like to keep it technical and creative for our customers. There are other avenues for buying and selling ROVs with dedicated classifieds such as:

Underwater Drone Forum
ROV World Forums

I am going to go ahead and lock this topic but I will leave it up as a reference, please contact me in a PM if you have questions.

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