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1S LiPo for Arduino

(Richard) #1

Will a 1S LiPo battery work okay with the Arduino Uno, or do I need to use a 2S and a 5 volt VR?

(Rusty) #2


The Arduino Uno runs at 16Mhz, which requires about 5V. There are 3.3V Arduinos that run at 8Mhz, which would work great on a single lipo cell.


(Richard) #3

Okay, thanks. Do you think the 0-3.3volts from a 10k potentiometer wiper in the topside control box will work through 200 feet of 24AWG for a readAnalog() input to the Arduino?

(Rusty) #4


Sure it will as long as you don’t have much current going through it. It will also be susceptible to noise if there is something noisy going on in a nearby wire.

If you use a 1K resistor to limit the current output from the potentiometer, then worst case you’d have 3.3V / 1000 ohm = 0.0033 A of current. According to this voltage drop calculator, that would result in a voltage drop at the end of 0.034 volts, which would barely affect your analog reading on the Arduino.