ZeroTier v1.12.2 extension installation problem

Hello all,
Just got my hands on my BlueBoat and trying to install 4G failsafe connection. That requires installing ZeroTier extension. I logged the BlueOS, went to Extensions tab, installed ZeroTier extensions from the store, it appears in the “Installed” tab, but I have no means to configure it.
Went to “\extensions” subfolder and felt very lonely…

Then I upgraded BlueOS to the latest beta ( tags/1.1.2-beta.2-0-gaf50a2e0 ). Still no change. Then I installed another extension (sonarview). This is the view from the installed extensions tab:

Again, went to “\extensions” subfolder and kept feeling very lonely :cry:
I am uploading a relevant part of the ‘kraken’ service log to help pinpoint the error:
kraken.log (40.8 KB)

What is it that I am missing?

Hello all,
I had a second go this morning and found out the source of the problem is ZeroTier v1.12.2. When I installed the previous version ZeroTier v1.12.1 and rebooted, everything works as expected.

@williangalvani can you have a look at it? I can provide with logs of specific actions if necessary.

Yes, I’ll check what is up, thanks for reporting the issue.

@cyamin Just so I can be sure of what the problem is. would you mind going to the terminal and doing:

docker logs extension-williangalvanizerotierv1122

Running the command from terminal for the currently installed v1.12.1 yielded:

Upgrading to v1.12.2, rebooting and running the same command yielded:
Screenshot 2023-11-20 083849
Let me know if I can do anything else.

I pushed a new version, 1.12.3, could you try that?

Just checked. Versions 1.12.2 and 1.12.3 behave the same way, the issue is not resolved for me.

thank you for testing, I believe I found the issue.

It should be fixed now. just uninstall your current version and reinstall 1.12.3.

The issue was that while refactoring, I misplaced the settings at the wrong section of the dockerfile.
If they appear here:

you should be good to go