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Xrotor ESCs for thruster control

Hello everyone.
I am facing a problem. I am using readytosky Xrotor micro 30A ESCs, min ppm =1000 and max ppm =2000, and u have changed it to bidirectional in blheli suite, the motor gives 3 beeps but doesn’t seem to give arming beep when connected to pixhawk channel 1, I am using QGC for arming and testing. What to do?

  1. Check the orientation of the connector (try to turn it upside down)
  2. Check the output signal of the pin1 on the pixhawk: QGC application menu bar -> widgets -> mavlink inspector -> servo_output_raw -> channel 1
  3. Verify your settings in blheli suite, share a screenshot

What firmware are you using in the pixhawk?