Working on Wiring (About 40m inside water)


My ROV is in full flesh and working. next I want to connect my game pad to my laptop and by using python I wanted to interface that to my arduino.

Can anyone help me on that how to do that stuff. Also I wanted to know that after interfacing my gamepad to my laptop which cable and connectors will be used to manuver the ROV 40 m inside the water from my laptop. How can i send the data serially to my Arduino mega board?.

All Help rated to python and hardware (wire and connectors) will be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi Sheikh,

Can you tell us more about the hardware that you want to use? You have an Arduino Mega. Do you also have a computer on board or just at the surface?

You can send data serially, but to go 40m you will have to use very low baud rates. Alternatively, you can use RS422 or RS485, which can go much further and are very similar to normal serial communication.