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Wiring diagram for entire BLUEROV and Ardusub system

Is there a post or a place where I can see the entire wiring diagram of an 8 thruster ROV using the Ardusub control system. Looking for some detail.



Hi Dan,

The ArduSub system is modular, so the connection diagram presented in the ArduSub Documentation applies to all frame types, just with more or fewer thrusters, lights, and other accessories plugged in. Where you connect a particular component is largely up to you, but if you’re specifically after a schematic of the BlueROV2-heavy, that can be found here, from the connection-diagrams section of the assembly instructions.

Thank you Elliot for taking the time to respond to me. Good info to have. I had found the schematic after I sent the message, but did not see the connection diagrams because I did not look through all the tabs on the site. Guess it pays to look at everything.

Again thank you,

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No problem, glad I could help :slight_smile:

Fair enough - this is something I’m thinking about and working on at the moment. Right now it’s quite difficult to know how to find information that you’re after without already being quite familiar with the bluerobotics website, forum, github, and related documentation for things like ArduSub and QGroundControl. That’s too much to work through for someone when starting out (and often also for quite advanced users), so I’m planning to make some kind of graph with relevant links based on what kind of information is being looking for. Not fully decided on how best to present that, but it is being worked on :slight_smile:

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