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Wireless Topside - Problem

(Jay Abraham) #1

So i was able to get my topside control box wireless but the one problem i’m having is that i can’t switch between a hard wire Ethernet connection and a wireless connection. i want to be able to easily and seamlessly switch between a wireless connection and a wired connection with my rov without there being hiccups. unfortunately i can just connect to my topside wireless router but when i switch to an Ethernet cable, it wont connect (even if i click forget network on my laptop for the router). does anybody know a fix for this


(Etienne Demers) #2

What IP address do you assign to the wireless and wired network adapters?

You cannot assign the same one.

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(Jay Abraham) #3

that’ what i thought when i was looking for answers online but i don’t know how to change the ip address. i am pretty sure that’s what the problem is


(Willian Galvani) #4

You need to make sure you get the same IP addresses on both situations.
How are the wiring and access point configuration of your network?


(Etienne Demers) #5

You can find videos on how to change this depending on your os I’m sure.


(Jay Abraham) #6

i connected the Ethernet cable coming from my fathom x to the access point router. the IP address for my router is while my raspberry pi is


(Jay Abraham) #7

im kind of new to incorporating these networking devices to the rov. ho would i configure my laptop to get the same IP address?


(Etienne Demers) #8

your Raspberry pie should be
Your computer running QGC should be

Your router address doesn’t matter.

All should be on the same network mask of


(Willian Galvani) #9

Yes, the raspberry should be and you PC
netmask needs to be for communication with QGC to work.

Usualy you can reserve an IP for your network mac address in the router/access point. It will probably not allow you to reserve both your wireless and wired mac addresses to the same IP. I suggest you reserve the IP for your wireless mac address and set the IP on the wired one to static, this way you will still be able to connect to other wi-fis without needing to revert to a dynamic(dhcp) IP address.


(Jacob) #10

Configure your router to lease a static ip address to the raspberry pi. Like @williangalvani suggests.


(Etienne Demers) #11

I would just add the same IP address to both wired and wireless but keep them disabled. By enabling only one at a time, it shouldn’t conflict (I think) and keep everything fairly simple.

You could program a software to do this if you have this aptitude.