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Wifi Antenna compatible seawater


I don’t know if my request is on the appopriate topics, sorry if not!!
I would like to use an embedded controller compatible wifi 2.4GHz in an underwater instruments [2000m depth].
In order to avoid open the instrument to catch the SD card, i would like to establish a wifi link between the controller and my PC to collect data whe the instruments is on air. I’m worried about the wifi communication with an antenna inside the titanium body of my instruments? ( 15mm metal thickness)
The solution is to fix an external wifi antenna but could you help me to find a good one?


I need to use a cable penetrator.

Thanks for your help,


Can you not enable USB download of the SD card? Then you just need to install a 4 pin connector to plug into on the surface.

Thanks Markus but i don’t have place to fix a 4 pin connector !!


Fair enough, but in case you didn’t know, the connectors from Blue Trail are very small and only need a 10mm hole. I think @damonblue is actually looking to make compatible USB cables soon as well


Thanks for your prompt reply, but my underwater instrument has to be qualified for depth : 2000m !! ( Austral Sea) and SubConn connector for these typical depth are " big" and also cost around 120 USD!!

Ahh, missed that!! Good luck with the project!

You may find uou get just enough signal through the housing that it will work in proximity with your surface computer (make sure the ousuing is not grounded via a low impedence earth connection). If this mails, you may try a dedicated couoling capacitor to the housing from the anttena. Bench test before going a long offshore job.