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Deeper pro+ sonar

(Kaos) #1

Hi all,
I have a floating sonar that I would like to tether to my BR2 for shallow water work. The sonar sends info back to my phone by WiFi.
I want to hijack the WiFi link and overlay the gps/sonar info into QGC or navionics.
Using the gps info for survey work is the goal but mission style where you plot course and send rov off.
The rov would be set at depth eg. 5m n tether would be set slightly longer. The sonar would be towed behind float to ensure it wasn’t dragged underwater. Slow speeds needed for the tow.
Here is a link to it.

Any ideas or thoughts appreciated
Dougie :smiling_imp::sunglasses:

(Jacob) #2

This product looks like it is designed to be used with a phone app. If it is not using a standard communication protocol, or at least a documented protocol, you won’t be able to do any of this unless you can reverse engineer the protocol, or get the manufacturers to provide you with documentation. This would also require heavy modifications to the QGC software source code.


(Kaos) #3

Thanks Jacob,
I will email the manufacturer and see if they are willing to give some more info.
As its sending sonar info , I was hoping to use the nmea stream and GPS position onto mapping.
I’m not a programmer but see the potential in this device for shallow water rov work.
Help will be needed so if someone sees merit in pursuing this project, let me know

(Jack) #4

Hi Kaos,

Did you have any luck with this project, Im looking to achieve a similar thing.


(Kaos) #5

I found that the sonar is fine for less than 10m depth but anything beyond that, there was too much problem keeping it over the rov. Not practical for my needs unfortunately