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Wide angle lens center of projection

Hi, folks –

I’m planning to do some computer vision processing using the “Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 w/ Wide Angle Lens”. I’ll be mounting these behind the 2" series hemispherical domes. To avoid additional distortion due to refraction, I need to mount these fairly precisely so that the center of projection of the lens is at the center of the sphere. I can figure this out by trial-and-error, but it would help me to get a sense of how the lens is actually built. Can you point me to the spec sheet for the M12 wide angle lens that comes with the kit?



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Also: the radius of the sphere for the 2" series dome appears to be 20mm. Is that accurate? Thanks.

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@clyde Sorry for the delay!

We don’t have any more information on how the lens is constructed other than the data on the product page that the original manufacturer has provided to us. We do not have any more information on the internals of the lens.

The Outer Diameter of the 2" Dome is 20.5mm, that is correct.

Thanks for the info!