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Camera view through 1/2" endplates

(Richard) #1

Any issue with a wide angle lense looking through the 1/2" endplates, or do I need to stay external with the video camera?

(Rusty) #2


Good question. We’ve been using the Raspberry Pi Cam, which has a relatively narrow field of view. Someone else here may be able to answer this better.


(Richard) #3

I’ll be doing some testing and I will let you know how it goes.

(Richard) #4

Okay, my 1/2" plexiglass arrived and I tested for distortion using my GoPro camera with 170 deg viewing angle. I could see no difference in picture quality with the 1/2" plexiglass plate in front of the lense.

(Rusty) #5


Great! Thanks for letting us know.


(Richard) #6

Your welcome. Step one is to have a functioning drop down CCTV system down to 150 feet, followed by T100 thruster installation and directional control.