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Why do enclosures cost so much?!?!


Could I just build my own enclosures for way cheaper? Honestly, why does a acrylic tube cost 54 dollars?

(Kaos) #2

There’s nothing stopping you from building your own pressure vessels n sourcing parts from wherever you want but if you buy components from a reputable firm like Blue Robotics, then when your clients ask what the depth rating is and if it has been pressure tested, you can answer them by quoting the testing specs from BR.
Personally I prefer to encase my components in a pressure vessel I know won’t implode at my working depth. Saves throwing my hard earned money into Davey Jones locker.
Decide for yourself

(undersearobotics.com) #3

Have you looked at what other vendors’ enclosures cost? By comparison BR components are dirt cheap. If you want super cheap and don’t need it to go 100m, you could always use PVC plumbing parts. That’s what we had to do before BR existed.

(Harold Scadden) #4

The price is pretty darn cheap. I design / test products at my company and I know when I go over to our machine shop just how much goes into do a run of parts. There is also the design cost, the certification cost … believe me hydrostatic pressure vessels is not something everyone has out in the garage etc.

When I was a whole lot younger, I used to wonder why XYZ cost so much money in my opinion at the time … once I got into manufacturing etc. I got a grasp on things.

Also, it is not “just an acrylic tube” that you are buying. You are buying one that comes with a certification to actually work.

Ok, done ranting … I haven’t had my coffee and donuts yet!