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Which channel controls the gain?

Dear all,

I want to control my bluerov in Manual mode using channel override, but I can’t find the Channel that increase/decrease the gain. On the logitech joystick it is mapped to the up/down arrow, but I can’t see which channels are modified on the Analyze tool of QGroundControl.

Is there a diagram showing the full mapping of channel/button somewhere? If that isn’t mapped on an RC channel, how can I change it programmatically (using the usual libraries such as pymavlink, DroneKit or mavros)?

Thank you all!

Gain is adjusted via a button function. The MANUAL_CONTROL message must be used.

Hi all!

Regarding this question, it is not clear to me how to change the gain from mavros just as we do from QGroundControl.

I’m using bluerov_ros_playground package, and I want to modify it to add the functionality of changing the gain. This raises two questions for me:

  1. Since the manual_control message has pitch, yaw, etc. parameters, would it conflict with the rc_override message used to command the robot?

  2. How’s the button function (BTNn_SFUNCTION) , related with the manual_control message? There are axis fields and a buttons field. But it seems to only publish the state of the buttons. Or maybe it is that you have to write the value of the BTNn_SFUNCTION command ( f.e. 42 for increasing the gain) on the ‘buttons’ field of MANUAL_CONTROL?

Thank you very much!

Hi Olaya,

You can use MANUAL_CONTROL to do what you want, ArduSub converts it to rc_override:

This is done here:

Hi Patrick, thanks for your answer.

So, If I want to change the gain from pymavlink, I have to push the button in the joystick that I previously assigned to the change of gain (from QGroundControl), and then just send a MANUAL_CONTROL message to the BlueROV with the state of the buttons?

Hi Olaya,

You only need to fill buttons field of MANUAL_CONTROL with the correct bit set for you gain.
Check our pymavlink Send Manual Control example.

Thank you Patrick,
That worked as you said :grinning:

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