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Problem overriding RC input

Hello everyone,

We are using the code of the example " Send RC (Joystick)" found here to write a specific PWM value to one of the channels. This code is executed in a loop, because we want to write the PWM for a specific time.

The problem is that when running the code, the PWM value on that channel wobbles between the one we are sending, and the reading that the topside computer gets from the joystick. And this leads to a noticeable disturbance in the BROV’s motion in water.

How can we get that channel to stabilize, i.e. to ignore the joystick and solely receive the value from the code that is being executed?

Thank you in advance

Hi @YekaterinaLertxundi ,

What are you trying to control with this PWM? one of the thrusters? A peripheral?
MANUAL_CONTROL messages are internally converted to RC_OVERRIDES, which is likely the cause for the interference. Depending on what you are driving, you could use the RC channels from 12 and upwards.

Hello @williangalvani ,

Thank you for your answer, it has already shed some light for us.

We are trying to control the thrusters (overriding RC_Inputs such as “Forward”,“Yaw”). Basically, by running an external script using pymavlink library, we want to replace the human and the joystick controller. But in our test, the gamepad was still connected and enabled in QGC, because we wanted to regain control over the vehicle in case something undesired happened.

Why are the gamepad inputs internally converted to RC_Override messages? Is there a quick way of disabling this or do we have to rebuild ArduSub firmware ourselves?