Where to download latest firmware for companion and Ardusub

My BlueROV stock (heavy set) ROV has original companion and Ardusub firmware installed from the beginning and now i like to manually unload new latest firmware to both companion and Ardusub firmware. Where to get both new latest firmware? The ROV is in company facility and no access to regular normal wifi network, therefore i cannot update automatically i have to download the firmware files first then manual upload both firmware to the ROV.

My ROV current firmware
Companion 0.0.17
Ardusub 3.5.4

Check here: https://bluerobotics.com/learn/technical-reference/#software-and-firmware

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thank you very much.

I can just upload this file manually from existing companior web to ROV without internet?

and then i can enter the companior web and manual upload this ardusub firmware to the ROV without internet?

i hope i under this correctly.


I download firmware for both companion and ardusub (zip file) and clicked “choose file” and clicked “upload” then i get error message for both



please help, not sure i did wrong

You might have to flash the SD card for the Companion in your computer with a new image:

After updating Companion, updating Ardusub might work in Companions UI
If it does not, you might have to connect the Pixhawk directly to the computer and update via QGC

@noppita, @Boko is correct that you’ll likely need to flash the replacement software onto the SD card, if you’re not able to follow the normal updating process.

That said, our old Companion Software is no longer being developed, so you may wish to look into BlueOS instead :slight_smile:

from my understanding, i can enter and enter wifi username and password
Option 1:
so that the ROV will have access to the internet and then i can just click update directly from web UI. I cannot do it this way because my company notebook will not allow this.

option 3:
Therefore i think that i have another option by download zip file for companion and ardusub into my notebook. Then enter web UI (without wifi connection in the web UI) then click choose file and enter the zip file that i downloaded to my notebook then i can just click upload. This option, i do not need wifi connection in web UI right? because i already have firmware zip file in my notebook? However this option still fail from the error code that i shown to you.

Option 3: so, it left me only last option. To remove SD card inside the electronic enclosure and insert to my notebook and flash new firmware image to the SD card and then put the SD card back into the Pi controller. Therefore i do not need to update the firmware because i already install new firmware directly to the SD card right? then i should be able to update ardusub into pixhawk by using option 2 (manual upload using web UI) or if it fail again, then i will have to upload pixhawk using option 3 (connect pixhawk directly to notebook.

thank you

so, if i will have to remove the SD card out from enclosure, then it is better to flash it with BlueOS (new system) rather than flash SD card with companion (old system) right?

i still not sure if i did it right, so i tried to confirm in this forum because i do not want to remove SD card from electronic enclosure. From my information that i provided in this post, do you think that i did it correctly? if yes, i will remove SD card from enclosure

BlueOS does not yet support the Water Linked UGPS, so if you’re using one of those you will need to stay with Companion for now. Beyond that there are a few Companion features which are only available in the latest beta version of BlueOS, and are not yet in a stable release, but I’m not sure if those features would have existed in Companion 0.0.17 anyway, and don’t have time to check right now.

Most likely BlueOS will be a significant improvement over your Companion experience, and will continue to improve from here.

Honestly I’m not sure - Companion 0.0.17 is from well before my time at Blue Robotics, and it’s possible it’s too old to recognise a file for the later Companion versions. I also have some recollection that offline Companion updating functionality via file upload was removed in one of the later versions because it wasn’t working, but I may be misremembering.

Flashing the SD card is a method that will work, and is what we recommend if there are significant failures with the rest of the process. BlueOS has been designed to significantly reduce the chance of such a failure occurring, but from what I’m aware that was a reasonably common requirement with Companion, even with some later releases.

I’m unsure whether there’s an alternative that’s available, although there’s some possibility it may work to upload an older Companion version before trying the later ones. If it’s highly problematic to open the enclosure then maybe try that first, but I can’t provide any guarantees it will actually work, and you will definitely need to flash the SD card if at some point you decide to switch to BlueOS to make use of the new and upcoming features.

thank you for your quick support to explain the whole thing.
yes, i will flash SD card with companion 0.0.31 and i will also flash pixhawk with latest firmware version.

As i mention in the another post about gathering component list for T500 thruster for my project. I will need your help and input in that post.

thank you in advance.