Where is the telemetry data?

today I tried the version 4.2.3 of QGC and the connection to the ROV works fine. But i didn´t find the customizing of the telemetry data panel. Have a look at this screenshot:

There is the Ardusub logo visible on the upper right but it seems that QGC is still remaining in the mode for air drones.

How can I display the data like depth, tether turns, temperature, pilot gain etc. which belongs to a ROV?

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It on the bottom center of the screen. You will have to spend at least a few minutes getting it setup with the basic information that you want.

I really don’t like the new look. I think it’s a huge downgrade and is confusing to find the information that I need during a dive.

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Hi @schleitaucher,

You can edit the telemetry options by clicking on the lock, then clicking and configuring the one you want to change:

The sub-specific fields are in the “ApmSubInfo” section. If you’ve got a Ping Sonar with MAVLink distances turned on you can access those values via the DistanceSensor / RotationPitch270 selection.

In 4.2.4 it’s possible to set it up on the side, if that helps:

That said, we agree that there are more intuitive ways to show some of the telemetry data, and are working on a more comprehensive overhaul that should be more intuitive by default, and also significantly easier to modify (to suit different use-cases). If you’ve got some ideas on what an ideal interface would look like for you, feel free to start an ideas thread for discussion :slight_smile:


thanks for the response. I haven’t noticed the editing by clicking directly on the data. But I think I remain on the old version until the sound option has found it’s way back like the record button does. Never change a running system… :wink:


Assuming you’re talking about receiving audio from the vehicle, that seemingly has never been supported in mainstream QGC (although it was supported in version 3.2.4 from the Blue Robotics fork, while that was separate from the mainstream one).

Beyond that, audio streaming is not currently supported in BlueOS, so is only possible at the moment with our old Companion Software running on the onboard computer.

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