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Whats transfer rate between grand station and raspberry pi

(morteza) #1

hello, i have a question.
whats the maximum transfer rate between grand station and raspberry pi?

(Rusty) #2

Hi Morteza,

The speed possible with the Fathom-X modules depends on the length of the tether and ranges from 25 to 80 Mbps usually. As the tether length increases, the maximum bandwidth decreases.


(morteza) #3

im from iran and I can not buy Fathom-X modules. im used 40-meter cat6 cable for tether. if i wants streaming video without latency, better way is to used raspberry pi B+ or usb ethernet gigabyte 10/100/1000?

(Rusty) #4

Hi @morteza, okay, the Raspberry Pi and gigabit ethernet are very different options. If you use the Raspberry Pi, you will still need an Ethernet connection and will likely plug in the camera via USB or the Raspberry Pi CSI camera connection.

If you are using an Ethernet camera that doesn’t require a computer, then you can use just Ethernet alone.

Can you explain your application more and we can provide more help?