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Whats the best option for recording surface video

what’s the best option for recording the video off the sub?
i have tried a HDML cloner box and found it unreliable…any suggestions?


when you say unreliable, what do you mean? We use the HDML Cloner Box Pro a lot and haven’t had any issues.

I sell a software called Oceanvault - Recorder which is used by many and provides reliable recording with overlay.

Thanks for your reply…we have the hdml cloner box as well . not the pro version. we had at recording fine a first and used it several times. now when you start to record it just stops and the file it creates is blank. I’m wondering it is formatting on the memory stick or some other issue. we have two of these boxes neither work any more. we are taking the hdmi output from the laptop and then into a hdmi hub… we know the hub is working as we are seeing it on the big screen tv… one of the outputs from the hub goes to the cloner box.

got any ideas?

I’m pretty sure you need to format the media as NTFS, not FAT32 which is the usual Windows default. Have you tried that?


You mean the formatting on the memory stick?

This might be an easy fix

Yes, these types of recorders dont work in FAT32.

Other common issues are output resolution. Not sure about the model you have, but if you try to send too high resolution to some models, they simply won’t record. Maybe try altering your PC screen resolution (though I’m not sure if that affects HDMI output).

Also, have you tried bypassing the hub? The Pro model has HDMI passthrough, so you don’t actually need a hub. (PC>HDMI recorder>HDMI passthrough>TV)