What ROV weight can four (4) T-100 thrusters support?


I am finishing the design of a plexiglass ROV with four T-100 thrusters.

The thruster configuration is two on the sides (for forward-backward and yaw )

and two vertical, one at the front and one at the back (for diving and pitch control)

I am expecting the whole vehicle to have a weight between 7 and 10 kg, which I suppose is Ok ?


EDIT: It will of course have close-to-neutral buoyancy, the question is about handling its inertia (mass)

while maneuvering.

Hi Dimitris,

As long as it has close-to-neutral buoyancy, it should be fine. The heavier it is, the slower it will accelerate, of course. The more drag it has, the slower the top speed will be.

We’ve heard reports from some competition ROV teams that have ROVs weighing two or three times more than yours and they say that the thrusters are working great.


Great! I dont need high speeds and it will typically have hydrodynamic shape. Thanks for promptly replying to everything.

When do you plan shipping the thrusters ? (T-100’s with standard ESC)


We are catching up on orders. Yours should definitely be shipped in March. You’ll get an email as soon as they ship.