What happens to the signal in the Fathom-X?

What exactly happens to the signal in the fathom-x before it is send through the tether to be converted back by the other fathom-x at topside? Is it one inverted signal and one noninverted to minimize lose of data to noise or something?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @Nicklaslb,

From the Fathom-X product page:

In the Technical Details section you’ll find a variety of document links, including a link to all the documents provided by the manufacturer of the LX200V20 HomePlug module. You can also search for HomePlug AV online to find out more about how it works.

In short, it converts the digital ethernet signals into high frequency (2-30MHz) analog signals, and then measures the frequencies to get the data back on the other side, which means there’s a decent amount of robustness to amplitude ranges and low(er) frequency noise.

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