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What filament for 3D printing, for water use



Thinking about printing some of the parts myself. I have access to an Ultimaker 2+.

What type of fillament would you use, for the parts going into the water. I know Nylon is drawing water in, and PLA is biodegradeble.
I can see that ASA is weatherproof.

What would you use?

Have a nice weekend.

(Marcus) #2

We use black ASA for our GoPro adapters and they seem to hold up well

(Kevin) #3

I’m using Black ABS.

(Tim Pierce) #4

Abs ngen or polycarbonate will all work fine so far. Abs theoretically absorbs water but I find it only does so to the surface layer maybe a micron or so in.


Thank for the info guys. I have bought some ASA and will try with that.