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Waterproof ROV Acrylic Tube


We are currently working on an ROV and we have a really big problem. Our acrylic tube (which we use to cover and seal electronic stuff) is leaking water. Because of some reasons, we couldn’t use aluminum flanges; instead, we use 3D printed flanges. We also use o-rings in flanges and silicon in some places to make it waterproof.

However, today, we’ve tested our tube and flanges; unfortunately, it is not fully waterproof. My question is that is there any other way we can make it waterproof? This predicament is very urgent, so I need your advice asap, please.

We currently have o’rings, gasket sealer, silicon, etc.

Any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks,

The experience I have with 3d printed parts is that always leak through the layers. I have even tried to coat the outside to stop the water ingress to no avail. My only suggestion is to use your 3d file and make it out of different machined material, for example hard plastic or aluminium.

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Thank you for your response!