What are the slip ring specs

Hi guys,

I was wondering if the slipring has any tech specs.

I am wanting to know if I could use the Fathom spool with my power mod using my 8mm power tether.

Power requirements are 200-360VDC with 3A max.

Many thanks,

Hi Etienne,

It is not recommended to use the Fathom Spool or Binder 770 connectors with a high voltage topside power solutions. The Binder 770 connectors themselves are rated for 175 V, and though the slip ring itself is rated for 240 V by our supplier, we have not designed the Fathom Spool/slip ring assembly as a whole to take anywhere near this voltage. We strongly dissuade anyone from using either of these components/products with high voltage, they have not been designed for this and have not undergone any necessary high voltage testing. The slip ring is also rated at 1.5 A per circuit by our supplier, but we have not yet verified this ourselves.


Thank you for the response Adam.

Binder is rated for 1750v impulse, so you can see they’re going for a 10x safety factor and you’re only asking for 2x. Realistically you could use it just fine at 360vdc, but you wouldn’t want to do it for a customer, because if something went wrong, you’d be begging for full liability. I’d do it for my own system. You can also double up wires on the slipring to meet your current needs and voltage is fine at 1.5x, but again I’d only use it on my own system.