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WetLink Penetrator Nut 3D Models

I am creating a 3D CAD model with WetLink Penetrators. The 3D models on the WetLink Penetrator site include the Bulkhead and Plug parts, but not the special WetLink “cut nuts” (nuts with one side removed). Is there a BlueRobotics website for downloading the nut models? I need the M10 nut for the WLP-M10-6.5MM-LC.

Hi @MechtEngineer,

I’ve asked the team why the WLP nuts aren’t currently available in their own files - it at least seems like they should be. In the meantime, the M10 WLP nut can be extracted from the full BlueROV2-R3 CAD model (see the BlueROV2 page technical details tab, or the WIP Technical Reference). If you just want the basic dimensions that aren’t covered by the WLP technical details, the nut diameter is 18mm, and the flat sides are 8.25mm long and 16mm apart.

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For closure,

so they’re now directly available from the WLP technical details :slight_smile:

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Many thanks Eliot! That’s a great solution.

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