Compatibility of WetLink Wrench

Does the WetLink Penetrator Plug Wrench ( work with the red penetrators? I have some of the red penetrators with potting compound on my motors and I don’t see a reason to remove them. I also have some WetLink Penetrators and would like to use one wrench for all of them.

Does that wrench work with both or do I need to get something else?

Hi @DanielT,

The Plug Wrenches are specifically for tightening the plugs when assembling the Wetlink Penetrators onto cables. Since the old potted penetrators have no plug and instead use potting to seal, the Plug Wrenches serve no purpose with them.

However, the Wetlink Bulkhead wrenches work with both the old potted penetrators, and the new Wetlink penetrators. Specifically, the M06 bulkhead wrench works with both potted and Wetlink M6 penetrators, and the M10 bulkheads wrench works with both potted and Wetlink M10 penetrators.


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How can you tell the difference between the M10 and M06?

M6 is smaller than M10. This can be seen in the Wetlink Penetrator page. Just compare any of the M10 and the M6.

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acknowledged. However, I only have 1 size so I have no metric to compare it to. Can you provide me with a datasheet with measurements? Im trying to order a bulkhead wrench without having to buy both sizes.

Found in the link above, go to “Technical Details” then look at the “Tools” section. M06 - 12mm, M10 - 16mm, M14 - 20mm