Cable Penetrator for Locator-A1 Cable


I am looking for a Cable Penetrator for a Locator-A1 cable (from WetLink). Do you know what size and type of Cable Penetrator to purchase from Blue Robotics? The cable penetrator is to connect to the BlueROV2.

Thanks again for your help!


Hi @stephenmcgovarin,

WetLink is a sub-brand of Blue Robotics, focused on sealed cable connections that aren’t specific to marine robotics. Water Linked is a Norwegian underwater acoustics company that make the Locator A1, among a variety of other products :slight_smile:

I’d recommend you follow our How to Choose a WetLink Penetrator guide - it should walk you through the relevant steps :slight_smile:

The Locator A1 product page specifies that the cable has a diameter of 6.3mm, so most likely you’ll need the 6.5mm penetrator size, and you’ll need to determine whether the high compression or low compression plug is more appropriate for the cable.

If instead you’re wanting a potted penetrator, you’ll want the smallest size above the cable diameter, which in our range is the 8mm one.