Cable is too thin for penetrator but this is the smallest penetrator possible for our application

I’m part of a group using BlueROV2 for an acoustic positioning project. We plan to mount a set of hydrophones on the ROV connected to a device inside an enclosure. The cable of the hydrophones is 2.2 mm in width while the connectors are 6.35 mm in width. This requires us to use the 6.5 mm penetrators to thread the hydrophones through, but we aren’t sure how to close the gap between the cable and penetrator to get a watertight seal. The cable itself is waterproof. Any suggestions?

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You could try using the Blue Trail Engineering Cobalts since these work regardless of the width of your cable. They come with 3/4/6/8 pin options, you’ll need the termination tool + termination kit and the corresponding bulkhead connector. Just follow their installation instructions.

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This post is likely worth a read, for a few different ideas and suggestions.

Connectorising the cables (per @Qlowe’s suggestion) is potentially more robust from an enclosure watertightness perspective, but may cause issues with the signal integrity (depending on what kind of cable and signal you’re using), and is likely a bit more work.

You could thicken the cable by feeding it through some dual walled heat shrink tube and filling it with marine grade silicon and heat to shrink the tube and seal.