WetLink Cable Splice Kit + spLicy bet with Rusty and Eldin

Hello humans! :grinning:

Just wanted to bop in here and share that we’ve launched the WetLink Cable Splice Kit! It’s a little junction box with holes for our WetLink Penetrators on either end, so you can join two cables without any potting compound or cure time! No molds, no waste, no mess :smile:

The wires can be connected inside with a solder splice or even a terminal block. You could even put a small PCB in it! And, it can handle 500m water depth (700 psi).

This product is already a little :hot_pepper: splicy :hot_pepper: because @rjehangir bet our lead engineer, father of the BlueBoat, @emillerstead, that these would outsell our newest USV 4:1. Who is team splice?!!

Check out the product page here: WetLink Cable Splice Kit :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

I bought two already.

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Hi guys,

This is a great idea.

I have been making a cable joint for a while now using wetlinks. Main complaint is the difficulty to assemble.

Yours makes it easier to do connections. I use pogo pins and fill with mineral oil.

Some suggestions for your product. Make it a bit bigger to allow for Y-splice. A bit longer would also be nice.



Your design looks similar to the one presented in this post, although because of the different approaches yours is likely more resistant to propagation of water leakage through a cut cable, whereas @johng’s is likely easier to assemble.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve passed it on :slight_smile:

This is a nice design. It they have the ability to pass the cable through the joint that would be great. I thought of going this way but I wanted to make a quick product without compromising all the research you guys did on the wetlink.

I wanted to look at making something like your WetLink Cable Splice Kit! for some scenarios so its nice that you guys did it already. Already planning on purchasing 8 pieces +. On my next order.

FYI I also use your wetlink for my fiber connector. If the box is big enough to hold the fiber splice that will be a standard part of my kit.

Just ordered some and shows on back order. Previously showed taking pre-orders. Have you already sold first batch or we still waiting for first batch. Either way is there expected date for inventory to be stocked?

Hi @dtrail, sorry for the delay on getting to this.

We’ve sold the first batch and run out of stock

Questions on product availability should generally go via our sales email (sales@bluerobotics.com), because they have the most up to date information. I believe we’re currently expecting more stock at the end of July.

We have an update, friends! :boxing_glove: :boxing_glove:

In a sales slugfest, the BlueBoat inched out a victory, outclassing the WLP Splice Kit with a series of rapid-fire punches. The BlueBoat’s strategic maneuvers and unmatched features proved to be a winning combination, leaving the WLP Splice Kit staggering. Below are the final numbers from 2023:

When asked if they had anything to say about the outcome, @emillerstead called it a nail biter, but knew BB would pull through. @rjehangir, on the other hand, had no comment. Bottoms up, boss :beers: :beers: :beers:

With a flurry of sales prowess, the BlueBoat emerged as the undisputed champion, delivering a knockout performance and securing its place at the top of the maritime sales leaderboard. Hellz yea BB.

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@emillerstead :beer: :beer: :beer: :handshake:

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