Water Linked DVL extension failing to connect after reboot

So i boot up the ROV.
Go to to check the DVL and its always working.
Then go to, available services, waterlinked and then i check the DVL connection. Its never there on startup so i then go to the terminal, and put in:

# find the name of the DVL container, and stop and remove it
export OLD=$(docker container ls --format='{{.Names}}' | grep -i dvl)
docker container stop $OLD
docker container rm $OLD
# pull the new image and start the new docker
docker pull williangalvani/blueos-dvl:latest
docker run -d --net=host -v /root/.config/blueos:/root/.config --name=BlueOS-Water-Linked-DVL --restart=unless-stopped williangalvani/blueos-dvl:latest

I then checked the DVL in available services again. This time it shows “running”. I then go to QGC and go into position hold mode, which then work as expected holding the ROV in place.

Upon checking that its functioning, I then power the ROV off via the switch (just cuts battery power to the ROV), then power the switch back on. ESC’s boot up and i go back to to check the waterlinked, it now says it cannot find the DVL in the local network. I go to QGC I can no longer use position hold mode. I check and the DVL is still working fine there.

Thank you for the report.

I’ll try to replicate the issue here tomorrow. It is pretty late right now at my side of the globe. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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@Qlowe I managed to replicate your issue.
It should be fixed now. Please update your image and try again.
It was a race condition where one of the APIs used by the dvl service was not ready when we tried to use it.

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I can confirm it is also working correctly on my side as well now. Thanks a lot for the help.

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I’m glad it is working.

Thank you for reporting the issue.

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