BlueOS DVL extension not working


We recently integrated the Waterlinked DVL-A50 into our BlueROV2 R4 and are having difficulties with the DVL extension on BlueOS. In the photo below you can see that the status of the DVL is “Running” but the configuration page that should show the DVL’s UI is blank.

We can see that the DVL is working in QGC → Analyze Tools → MAVLink Inspector → System 225
DISTANCE_SENSOR and VISION_POSITION_DELTA are receiving at approximately 12-13Hz, and we can see the position delta changing as we move the DVL in a bucket of water.

We purchased the DVL directly from WaterLinked on February 6th, 2023, but we aren’t sure what firmware version is on the DVL. My understanding is to check that you need to able to access the GUI, which is what we are having trouble with.

We are using BlueOS DVL extension v1.0.2
Our Navigator firmware is 4.1.0 Stable
BlueOS version is 1.1.0 - beta.29

QGC version is 4.2.3
ROV Static IP:
DVL DHCP Server: — (changed to DHCP server from static IP after following another posts’ instructions. Before doing this the DVL didn’t appear to work at all, and the DVL status didn’t read as “Running”)

If anyone has any insights into how to get the DVL extension to work properly it would be much appreciated!

Thank you!


Hi @m.williams, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Given data is getting from the DVL to the autopilot, it seems the extension is successfully connecting to and communicating with it, which means the DHCP server you’ve configured on BlueOS has successfully assigned an IP address to the DVL for communication.

I’m not sure why the extension is failing to load the DVL’s configuration page - have you tried clicking the displayed IP address to see if the page can be opened directly, in a separate tab? If that works then there’s some problem with the iframe element that the extension is using to try to display the page, but if it doesn’t work then there may be an issue with the DVL not actually providing the page or something.

It may also be worth trying a direct ethernet connection to the DVL and checking whether the page is accessible via the static fallback IP. If that doesn’t work then you’ll likely need to contact Water Linked, because that’s then a device problem.

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Thank you, Eliot!

We were able to update the DVL by connecting it directly to the computer via ethernet.

The IP address for the DVL in BlueOS eth0 was the same as the static IP address for the DVL (195.168.95) so they were stepping on each other. We ended up deleting that IP address from eth0 and changing the BlueOS IP address ( from Static to DHCP server.