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Water ingress and how to save electronics

Water ingress, and how to minimize the damage? First make a on off power from topside(several topics about that) But i added as you see i clean myself too, i found somehing that looks like BIG waterdetectors, and they can store UP to 50 ml water at time? :), so i use ut in the bottle Just for safety, with a plastick sheet on TOP to prevent short cuts, and it is a Cheap solution that can save a lot.

… Just a idea to share:)

Does that contain a water absorbent material such as SAP? Basically the stuff in diapers etc.
If it does … DO NOT use it in your unit. It will kill your ROV.

Have No idea, it turns i to a washgcloth. Why does it kill it in difference if saltwater?

The material that people try to sell as a “water block” or “water absorbent” will only work with fresh water. In addition, the resulting mess that you have will leech copper and other metals. I have done experiments with the chemical that they use and it is not pretty when you look at the electrical results.

I build cable assemblies etc. for submarines and have access to a lot of different stuff. In this case the Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) is great for diapers etc. but will kill electronics. During my testing with simulated Salt water, the resistance was actually lowered by the addition of SAP.

5j8s is Just compreswed fabric, buys you 5 min of recovery:)